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Desert Nature

Hand Crafted with Passion, perfection is our standard.

Award-Winning Tequila from the Priviledged Redlands of Jalisco

Welcome to Santa Leyenda Tequila, the home of our ultra-premium tequila. Our company is dedicated to crafting a premium tequila, using authentic old world techniques and only the finest Blue Weber Agave . We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional drinking experience. Our commitment is to produce the best tasting, highest quality, and smoothest tequila on the market. Welcome to the world of Santa Leyenda Tequila.

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About Us

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Our Passion is Crafting the Best Tequila's available!

At Santa Leyenda Tequila, we have been creating the best tasting tequila's at our distillery in Amatitan, Jalisco for over 70 years. Utilizing proprietary methods for harvesting and aging we sacrifice nothing to give you the best quality Tequila's  available anywhere. Additive free, utilizing pure 100% Blue Weber Agave and traditional processing techniques is our standard. Tequila is our passion, giving you the best product possible is our mission.

Our Collection

About our Tequila's

Explore our collection of award-winning tequilas, crafted with passion and precision. From rich and bold flavor profiles to smooth and refined finishes, our tequilas are sure to satisfy your taste buds.


A great tequila for mixing cocktails or for  sipping. Best enjoyed neat. This varietal is the purest style of Tequila.


Aromatic Notes:

Natural notes with a wide array of Agave Bouquets.

Those notes include herbs, cooked agave, fruits and citrus bouquets. 


One of our favorite varietals, a flavor profile so complex, yet so pure. in its finish. Aged a minimum of 6 months to give you a premium Reposado unlike any other. Upgrade your mixed cocktails or enjoy neat at room temperature. 

Aromatic Notes:

Soft notes of wood, dried vanilla, dried fruits, caramel undertones and amber tones.


Tequila aficionados will appreciate this selection and it will surely become a favorite "go to" sampling. Aged 14 to 18 months for a truly infused flavor profile. Rich in its flavor profiles, pure in its finish, this Anejo is in a class of its own. To truly enjoy this offering in its purest form, enjoy it neat at room temperature.

Aromatic Notes:

Strong notes of wood, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and ripe fruits.

Extra Anejo

Indulge yourself in our Extra Anejo tequila, a true masterpiece of our collection. Carefully crafted and aged for over 6 years, our Extra Anejo is a must-have for any premium tequila enthusiast.

Armoatic Notes:

Notes of Caramel, fresh cut wood, vanilla, dried fruits, with a slight sweet taste and a fine textured finish.


This special varietal is truly exceptional, a defining selection that will truly challenge your opinions of Tequila. It is best enjoyed neat at room temperature.

Aromatic Notes:

Pure Natural notes with an explosion of Agave Bouquets. These notes include freshly steamed agave, red grapes, and freshly cut fruits.

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